Join Robert Black of the Groundhog Day Project as he stalks the people of Haddonfield and explores the details of the Halloween franchise, one minute at a time. Episodes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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"I think I will be an expert on Halloween"

Setting you up for the obsessive things to come, talking about me so we can get on to talking about Halloween.

Halloween Minute 1 - "you don't have to die because you're a slut" (REMIX)

The first minute is just opening credits, but with two of my sisters--who also grew up watching this film--talking about the 'Halloween' houses, Solarbabies, Blood Bea...

Halloween Minute 2 - "since we were young" (REMIX)

The tail of end of my conversation with my sisters drifts from the opening credits of #Halloween to our favorite #horrorfilms and what #slasherfilms are all about.

Halloween Minute 3 - "thy soul shall roam the earth till the end of time" (REMIX)

The main title sequence comes to an end and we're in 1963, the Myers house, and we POV watch a teenage couple making out. With talk about John Carpenter, about Samh...

Halloween Minute 4 - "Michael's around someplace" (REMIX)

About POV, about the nature of evil, and maybe a little bit about blenders

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