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"I think I will be an expert on Halloween"

Setting you up for the obsessive things to come, talking about me so we can get on to talking about Halloween.

Halloween Minute 1 - "you don't have to die because you're a slut" (REMIX)

The first minute is just opening credits, but with two of my sisters--who also grew up watching this film--talking about the 'Halloween' houses, Solarbabies, Blood Bea...

Halloween Minute 2 - "since we were young" (REMIX)

The tail of end of my conversation with my sisters drifts from the opening credits of #Halloween to our favorite #horrorfilms and what #slasherfilms are all about.

Halloween Minute 3 - "thy soul shall roam the earth till the end of time" (REMIX)

The main title sequence comes to an end and we're in 1963, the Myers house, and we POV watch a teenage couple making out. With talk about John Carpenter, about Samh...

Halloween Minute 4 - "Michael's around someplace" (REMIX)

About POV, about the nature of evil, and maybe a little bit about blenders

Halloween Minute 5 - "and, they say her brother did it" (REMIX)

Candlesticks, chafing dishes, wrong clocks, transom windows, houses that are bigger on the inside, and the voices in Michael's head. From pyschosexual fury to the shad...

Halloween Minute 6 - "a thousand slabs of bloody meat" (REMIX)

Judy sings, Michael has toys, and just how many times does Michael stab his sister? It's Halloween Minute 6. RSS itunes google play twitter page listeners ...

Halloween Minute 7 – “when mommy and daddy get home” (REMIX)

Judy dies, Michael flees, and we meet their parents and really get to know them… or watch them stand around awkwardly for 30 seconds never to be seen again. Also, the ...

Halloween Minute 8 – “throwing up his hands in unscientific despair” (REMIX)

We meet Dr. Loomis in an added-for-television scene from 1964, then jump forward to 1978, a government vehicle on a stormy night, heading for the sanitarium. With ...

Halloween Minute 9 - "Marion wasn't very woke" (REMIX)

Nurse Chambers smokes a lot, Dr. Loomis is serious about it, and this episode is pretty short because they’re just driving in a car and they haven’t gotten to the sani...

Halloween Minute 10 – “help him find his purple lawn mower” (REMIX)

Nurse Chambers and Doctor Loomis arrive at the Sanitarium gate only to find that patients are wandering around outside. With talk of visiting the filming locations, ...

Halloween Minute 11 – “forty years ago, he started a sentence… and he never ended it” (REMIX)

At the gates of the Sanitarium, Doctor Loomis tries to make a call, Nurse Chambers does strange things with a government vehicle, and the Shape arrives, wrench at hand...

Halloween Minute 12 – “and pretty in a quiet sort of way” (REMIX)

We return to Haddonfield and talk John Carpenter’s Cadillac, Laurie Strode’s waddle, Jamie Lee Curtis’ teeth, and the JANE introductions of

Halloween Minute 13 – “why are you fine with this?”

Andy Nelson of The Next Reel joins us to talk Laurie Strode, Tommy Doyle, the Myers House and palm trees. Throw in some talk of horror as a genre, kids, and you’ve got...

Halloween Minute 14 – “have you ever murdered anyone, or do you plan to?”

Andy Nelson of The Next Reel is back again as we talk about The Shape, about comic books, real estate sales, killing people, and of course about Halloween Minute 14.

Halloween Minute 15 – “the dog appears bigger than the car”

Andy Nelson of The Next Reel returns to talk looming shoulders, sound recording, dolly shots (or not), cinematography, scenes added for television, and Doctor Loomis’ ...

Halloween Minute 16 – “see if I can connect them in my head canon”

Niall McGowan of Bat Minute Returns is with me to talk Psycho, Season of the Witch, ghosts, shapes, William Shatner, and clown masks.

Halloween Minute 17 – “our inability to conceptualize or understand the thing that he represents”

I’m alone again to rant about Fate and offer up a history of trick-or-treating.

Halloween Minute 18 – “You’re killed by Michael Myers himself or you’re Ben Tramered”

Niall McGowan of Bat Minute Returns is back again to talk bullying, aliens, living in horror film houses, Chaos Comics, jack o lanterns, and 70s fashion.

Halloween Minute 19 – “just don’t put razor blades in food, and if you do, I guess, wear gloves”

Niall McGowan of Bat Minute Returns is back again to talk rock stars, Nick Castle’s driving technique, John Carpenter’s music, phone booths, Brian Andrews, and Steph...

Halloween Minute 20 – “Why did Michael ever take the matches out of the station wagon?”

Just me again, talking visible crew members, disappearing trains, #WhiteGhost, Christopher Hastings, and #MichaelMyers’ smoking habits.

Halloween Minute 21 – “you look like a drunken mountain goat”

Just me, talking #LaurieStrode, #LyndaVanderKlok, #AnnieBrackett, teen romance novels, the meaning of names. Also talking #SlasherFilm structure, at least a little bit...

Halloween Minute 22 – “you forget everything but your pill”

Scott Carelli of Dueling Genre is here to talk horror novels, serial killers, the shape, Michael’s speeding, and what kind of horror film Doctor Loomis is in.

Halloween Minute 23 – “oh man, that’s such a good line”

Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre is back to talk more about serial killers, Santa Claus, choosing victims, good friends, and lingering shots.

Halloween Minute 24 – “that’s not creepy at all, Michael”

Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre is back once again to talk about living in horror film houses, men behind bushes, cardboard cutouts, and seeing things that aren’t there.

Halloween Minute 25 – “like, are we limiting this to humans, or…”

A little bit about Sugarmynt Gallery, cosplay, and Kim Gottlieb-Walker, then Alex Thompson of Galaxy Quest Minute is with me to talk neatly trimmed bushes, IMDb goofs,...

Halloween Minute 26 – “it’s the point of the slasher film”

Alex Thompson of Galaxy Quest Minute is back to talk Leigh Brackett, Charlie Cyphers, copping a feel, standing in the lawn creepily, cops in slasher films, and the com...

Halloween Minute 27 – “you’re trying too hard to convey seventies”

Alex Thompson of Galaxy Quest Minute is back to talk the history of trick-or-treating, Raggedy Ann, the joys of VHS, controlling the wind, giant phones, cellphones, 70...

Halloween Minute 28 - "the most important emotionally-loaded item in the plot"

Just me talking famous chewing, urban legends, obscene phone calls, and the movie Compliance because just talking about Halloween is not enough.

Halloween Minute 29 – “he may have the mind of a six-year-old but he knows what an orgy is”

This is the brain of a #MoviesbyMinutes podcaster on display, the ranting, the obsession, the backtracking and nitpicking. With talk of scenes filmed for television, M...

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